About us

Our folkloric peasant dance group provides performances with dances from the beginning of the 20th century (1920). Our goal is to propagate the folklore from (the region of) Holten in a responsible way. In addition, we dance on clogs and wear clothing from that historical period.

We adapt our costumes to the seasons. For example, in the summer we dance in our „day-to-day costume“ with the Polka-hat. In the winter period we wear the „Sunday costume“. This includes the original clipping cap. The men wear an old-fashioned garment called a Klepbroek in Dutch, which could best be translated with valve pants. You will immediately understand its name the moment you see it!

Accordion players accompany our dances with live music. This way a performance is not only authentic, there is also a cozy, friendly atmosphere.

If possible, we speak the Lower Saxon dialect from the region of ​​Holten.

We perform at events, care homes and (farmers) markets in the region. Every year we show Holtense folklore in other European countries.